Did you know...
SCI SFBA Chapter members have sponsored local Sportsmen Against Hunger programs with total donations of over one ton to local charities over the past 6 years? Donations of crab, pheasant, venison, bear, moose, duck, and other wild game have been delivered to the Emmanual House in San Jose, the Peninsula Italian American Society, and the Samaritan House in San Mateo. Do you know of an organization that would benefit from one of our donations of 250 pounds of wild game? If so, contact Mike Davidson.
Did you know...
SCI SFBA members have championed and funded local veterans by giving a special wheelchair rifle attachment for a hunter, sending veterans on successful bear hunts for the past five years, donating special orthotics for a wounded veteran and sponsored a local Bay area fishing trip for veterans? If you would like to become involved with veterans activities, contact Glenn Chrisman.
Did you know...
We have supported vital California Department of Fish and Game programs for hunter education and animal conservation including quarterly youth activities and hunter safety classes. Do you know someone who needs to complete their hunter safety or a youth who would enjoy learning about hunting? Contact Buck Buchanan for more information.
Did you know...
Over the past ten years we have raised more than $750,000 for the California Department of Fish and Game by auction of special state tags at the annual fundraiser. Attend the next fundraiser for fun and excitement for the whole family and support the local projects of this chapter!
Did you know...
Our Sables members have sponsored 16 teachers and 9 students to the American Wilderness Leadership Program (AWLS) over the last five years with an investment of more than $35,000. Teachers and students return from AWLS with a better understanding of the importance of hunting and wildlife conservation. Teachers pass this information and a respect for hunting to their students while many of the students go on to pursue careers in wildlife-related areas. If you know a student or teacher who may be interested in this exciting and informative program contact Diane Sheardown.
Donate to our Sportsmen Against Hunger Food Drives - anytime! We always need donations to support the Samaritan House in San Mateo and the San Jose Salvation Army.


May 12-13, 2018
Need more pork in your life? This is one fun hunt — so easy to get to that members are calling it the "Freeway Pig Hunt." Don't miss your chance to get a good porker for the freezer! Registration full —
sign up for our waiting list!
May 20, 2018
Gather with your SF Bay Area Chapter friends to celebrate a year of hunting at the annual
Wild Game Awards and Banquet. As always, Chef AJ will prepare some of the best wild game you have hunted — put it on your calendar now.
Join us for sumptuous venison, gourmet gator, succulent seafood, and many other wild game dishes for your dining pleasure.
Special treat this year: free range oryx from New Mexico — enjoy this African treat here in the U.S.!
November 10 - 15, 2018
Chapter Hunt at the Tim Reich Ranch in Wyoming. Don't miss your opportunity to hunt mule deer, whitetail, turkey, and maybe even elk with a great chapter member and supporter. Five spaces remain available!