Our goals
  • To promote good fellowship among those who love the outdoors and the sport of hunting, shooting and fishing.
  • To promote conservation of the wildlife of the world as a renewable resource in which hunting is one management tool among many.
  • To help conservation efforts by supporting worthwhile projects, both verbally and financially, when possible.
  • To educate our youth in the safe and proper use of firearms and to interest and teach them about conservation and preservation of the forests and animals, which are our national heritage.
  • To share the latest hunting experiences and information of our members so that other members may benefit from them.
  • To operate the association as a non-profitable organization, originated for the enjoyment of the members, and with the thought in mind that perhaps we can be of assistance in helping to conserve and preserve the animals which we love to hunt today for those who will come to love the sport tomorrow.
San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of Safari Club International is a 501 c(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of wildlife, public education about hunting and wildlife, and the protection of hunter rights.