How SCI San Francisco Bay Area Cubs program has influenced our family

Participating in the Safari Club International Cubs program has been a wonderful experience for my 15 year old son, Clayton. In addition, it has sparked an interest in the entire family to shoot together. Clayton had wanted to learn to shoot and hunt ever since he was a little boy, but my husband and I did not have any experience with guns or hunting. When he decided to quit playing football, he was able to add a new activity to his schedule. He wanted to learn to shoot. I felt the best place to start was with a Hunter Safety class. This is how I met Buck Buchanan and he introduced us to SCI SFBA Cubs. Clayton was hooked from the first day at the rifle range. Since then he has enjoyed shooting handguns and trap. His trap shooting experience culminated with two pheasant hunting trips with a group of SCI SFBA Cub members. Buck has developed Clayton’s skills and confidence to become a competent and safe firearms enthusiast. In addition, he has involved the rest of the family in this fun family sport. My husband enjoyed participating in the pheasant hunts and our 11 year old daughter has learned how to shoot safely. Now that Clayton has learned to shoot, I’ve decided it is my turn to participate in the fun. We never would have become so involved in the sport of shooting if it wasn’t for Buck and the SCI SFBA Cub program. I can’t thank Buck enough.