The SCI Sables are leaders in wildlife education. Sables men and women help to advance the programs that engender a love of the outdoors and respect for nature for preservation of the hunting heritage worldwide. Currently there are more than 30 active members of the San Francisco Bay Area Sables, making us one of the largest groups in the United States.

When you join Sables, you will receive the quarterly newsletter, meet with the local Sables club on a regular basis, participate in local and national Sables-related activities including hunts and convention activities, and, most importantly, help to advance the important humanitarian and education activities of the Sables. Get the Sables membership form now!
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Bay Area Students 16 to 18 – Are you ready for the outdoor adventure of a lifetime next summer?
For the past 34 years, Safari Club International student sessions have been a valuable and fun event at the SCIFˊs American Wilderness Leadership School (AWLS) in Jackson, Wyoming.  The SCI San Francisco Bay Area Chapter Sables sponsors two students to attend this program each year. YOU could be this year's lucky participant!

Download and fill out this form to attend as a student and this form for educators. Email completed forms to or  mail it by April 30, 2016, to:

SCI San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
2596 Bay Road #A
Redwood City, CA 94063
Attn: AWLS Student

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Learning so much about the wildlife and ecosystem out West and having the opportunity of meeting youth and adults from all over the United States was an awesome experience.

The American Wilderness Leadership School is seven days where you will develop a base knowledge of wildlife ecology and conservation that becomes a central point around which leadership training is provided. You will learn about the roles of leaders in a variety of situations and how to apply leadership skills that can launch you on your journey to become leaders for tomorrow in wildlife management and conservation.

You will participate in shooting sports and a white water raft trip. A major component of the program is an all-day hike and overnight camping trip in the mountains. The hike is an opportunity to apply learned leadership skills and to learn more about wildlife and plants in the area.

To be considered for the American Wilderness Leadership School Program, you must:
Be presently enrolled as a high school student, 16-18 years of age;
Have demonstrated an interest in conservation issues and concerns;
Have satisfactory grades in school;
Have demonstrated an ability to work and communicate effectively with others;
Submit a minimum of three letters of recommendation;
Submit a 500-word statement as described in the application to get our local SCI Chapter Sponsorship.