San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of Safari Club International is a 501 c(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of wildlife, public education about hunting and wildlife, and the protection of hunter rights.



Clark Smith - President

Clark Smith


Jeana Feige - Vice President

Jeana Feige

Vice President

John Russell - Secretary

John Russell


Dwight Ortmann - Treasurer

Dwight Ortmann


Paul Williamson - Immediate Past President

Paul Williamson

Immediate Past President

Additional Board Members

Buck Buchanan, Cubs Chair
Glenn Chrisman, Veteran’s Chair
Bill Craves
Tom Enberg
Tom Mattusch, Membership Chair
Cathie Nelson
Richard Pierce, Legislative Chair
Diane Sheardown, Education Sables Chair

Non-Board Leaders & Support

Beverly Valdez, Administration, Fundraiser


The SCI Sables are leaders in wildlife education. Sables men and women help to advance the programs that engender a love of the outdoors and respect for nature for preservation of the hunting heritage worldwide. Currently there are more than 30 active members of the San Francisco Bay Area Sables, making us one of the largest groups in the United States.

When you join Sables, you will receive the quarterly newsletter, meet with the local Sables club on a regular basis, participate in local and national Sables-related activities including hunts and convention activities, and, most importantly, help to advance the important humanitarian and education activities of the Sables. Get the Sables membership form now!

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Today’s world is filled with indoor activities for our youth – Cubs is one of the best ways to get outdoors with your youngster or a friend and neighbor. You will not only be helping that youngster to have a good time but you will be introducing him or her to a lifetime of great experiences.

Cubs are young hunters (16 and under) and are eligible for many aspects of SCI competition, including listing in the SCI Record Book of Trophy Animals.

Our local Cubs members have the opportunity to meet four or more times a year for hunter safety training and to practice shooting along with other scheduled activities.

Email our Cubs Chairman

Our Goals!

  • To promote fellowship among those who love the outdoors and the sport of hunting, shooting and fishing.

  • To promote conservation of all wildlife as a renewable resource in which hunting is one management tool among many.

  • To help conservation efforts by supporting worthwhile projects, both verbally and financially, when possible.

  • To educate our youth in safe and proper use of firearms and to teach them about conservation and preservation of the forests and animals, which are our national heritage.

  • To share the latest hunting experiences and information of our members so that other members may benefit from them.

  • To operate the association as a non-profitable organization, originated for the enjoyment of members.